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Servicing and caring for your appliances (appliance maintenance).

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Servicing your appliances and regularly checking your home/domestic appliances will guard against unwanted breakdowns and will protect you against unfavourable and costly appliance repairs.

Here are a few simple and quick tips for appliance maintenance.


* Filters, any fridge that has dispensers for water or ice will need changes to the filters. Do this according to your manual but in general you will need to do this every 3 months to 6 months.

* Behind the fridge vents you will find coils, clean these coils with your vacuum cleaner to keep the fridge running efficiently.

* Maintain a clean fridge, defrost regularly to get rid of ice build up and clean all the dirt, grime and mould from seals etc.

* If you are experiencing any problems that you cannot repair yourself it is probably best to CALL a technician from HMA-IFIX division to fix your broken or damaged fridge or take out one of our Uplus extended warranties to protect you from any costly future breakdowns!

or CALL HMA 0877018280

Avoid dishwasher repairs!

* Keep your dishwasher clean and clean it every 3 to 6 months, if you would like some tips on keeping your dishwasher clean follow this link. from-dishwasher.

* The tines or spikes that stick up that you place your dishes inbetween can get corroded or rusted, you should treat these and derust them.

* If you need professional dishwasher repairs CALL the HMA division IFIX.

Caring for your ovens and stoves

* Vinegar and water is great for cleansing your oven after self cleaning mode. You should self clean your oven a minimum of every 6 months!

* Constantly check your plates if you begin to start seeing red spots or marks its best to start preparing for a burned out plate or coil!

For Oven and stove repairs CALL the HMA division IFIX.

Avoiding microwave repairs

* Keep your microwave disconnected from the wall power source to save electricity and money

* Do not run your microwave on empty this is dangerous and you run the risk of hazards such as fire.

* Do not put any kind of steel, aluminium, barcodes etc in it this will damage the magnetron! One of the most expensive parts to repair and replace.

* For microwave repairs call

Avoiding washing machine repairs

* When you setup your washing machine and whenever necessary you need to balance the legs of your machine, this will keep ware and tear damage to a minimum, a stable machine is essential for a long lasting washing machine.

* Clean the filters inside the washing machine, they should be clearly visible and easy to access!

* If you require a washing machine repair then do not hesitate to one of our experienced technicians! Call 0877018280

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