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Foul odor from dishwasher!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Foul odour from dishwasher

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

1. Why is there a foul odour coming from my dishwasher?

2. Why does my dishwasher smell?


What are the causes of a smelly dishwasher?

No one wants to open their dishwasher, expect sparkling clean dishes and get welcomed by a terrible smell instead. This is a common problem with dishwashers; you are not the only one experiencing a foul stench after a wash cycle. We at , proud members of the Homeowners Maintenance Association are here to help and assist you with this easy home appliance repair. What causes dishwashers to smell?

Many homeowners and households particularly busy working moms with large families utilise a dishwasher to make their lives easier. It’s important to note that dishwashers, just like any other appliance or working machinery will need maintenance and periodic cleaning. The better the maintenance on the appliance, the longer the appliance will last and the less costly the repairs will be in the future. We advise you to maintain your dishwasher from the get go in order to keep costs down and to ensure your dishwasher runs smoothly and effectively.

There are many parts to a dishwasher where water needs to flow through. The most common parts being the spray arm, filters, hoses and drain hose. Water often collects in hard to reach places and pieces of food such as bread, fish, meat etc. can get jammed and stick to the various parts of your dishwasher. These particles are bio-matter and made up of organic plant based or meat based materials. Due to the makeup of organic materials and if not removed, will begin to decay and rot, various organic bacterium will manifest, multiply and grow in unseen places and in the hidden parts of the dishwasher. Sometimes the problem is not organic matter but water sitting in bent or kinked hoses the water becomes putrid and starts to let off a damp and moldy type of odor in this situation it is probably best to call in your appliance repair technician at or contact us and we can get someone there soonest, any leaks should be dealt with by a proper technician. PARTS OF THE DISHWASHER




Dishwasher repair tips….

The smells could be from putrid water or from food and organic matter getting stuck or jammed in your dishwasher. If you have not looked after your dishwasher, serviced your dishwasher, maintained your dishwasher and there are odors coming from your dishwasher. There are still measures that you can take to get the dishwasher back into smooth running order and like new again!

How to clean your drain and filters

At the bottom of your dishwasher you will find a filter and drain, first however you need to remove the lower rack in the dishwasher this should slide our relatively easy, place aside carefully without damaging it. Take out the filter and clean it, we recommend a dishwasher such as sunlight liquid clean the filter gently, once you have cleaned the filter soak it in warm water for 15 minutes. While the filter is soaking in warm water take this chance to clean any food particles in the drain before putting the filter back inside the dishwasher, and then reinsert the filter. Clean the inside of the dishwasher

Simply take out the racks and make a homemade concoction. We at recommend a mixture of baking soda, dish wash soap and water. Give the entire inside of the machine a good wiping including all gaskets etc. then rinse with fresh water. Spray arms of dishwasher

Remove the spray arms and wipe the spray arms of the dishwasher. You will find that the small holes the water comes out of can get clogged with bio matter and/or bits of food, often this may also just be grease. Clean the holes and make sure they are not blocked by running water through them.

Give the dishwasher a good run-in with easily accessible home products.

There are some simple steps that we recommend at HMA to assist you with maintaining and keeping your dishwasher smells and odors non-existent or to an absolute possible minimum. Fill a container with white vinegar obviously the container must be safe to use in the dishwasher something like a Tupperware is perfect. Run a quick cycle and then run a rinse cycle with baking soda. Once you have done this then run another hot cycle, before running the cycle pour baking soda along the bottom of the dishwasher. Do this on a month to month basis to keep your dishwasher smelling and working great!


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