Protecting Your Largest Investment – How It All Started


Buying a house can be exciting, but also kind of scary. Back in 1991, we decided to make that process a little less scary by founding the home warranty industry. Before the Uplus home warranty, there was nothing to protect homeowners from the expensive and unexpected repair and replacement costs that are inevitable with home ownership. Things like having the stove or washer stop working at the worst possible time or having the freezer quit in the middle of summer. We decided to change all of that and founded the home warranty industry.

Our Commitment Continues


Today we're the undisputed leader in home warranties, helping to provide peace of mind to millions of homeowners, regardless of the age or condition of their home. We also provide the convenience of having a single number to call when something goes wrong. Whether you are in the middle of purchasing a home or if you’ve lived in your current home for years now, we’ve created a home warranty plan designed to put the control of responsible homeownership back in your hands. With over 1000 contractors across the nation and the most comprehensive coverage on the market, we’ve got you covered.