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Should I repair or replace my appliance?

Often being a regular layman with no electrical experience or appliance repair experience it often becomes a difficult decision as whether to replace.

ace or fix an appliance. Often times it is the cost factor that becomes an issue. Some repairers charge exorbitant fees just to assess your broken fridge or washing machine for example. Then when they give you a quote the price is slightly less than buying a new appliance. We then might think to ourselves would it not be better to just purchase a brand new one, then often you are stuck with the added cost of getting rid of the old one. The decision is a tricky one here at HMA we can cover all your bases.

1). We will give you a reduced assessment fee through our repair business Ifix appliance

2).Should you wish to replace the item we can supply you with a like new appliance

3). You avoid this type of hassle by taking our appliance warranty cover from Uplus

4). We will also purchase your old appliance from you.

So No matter your decision we at HMA can assist you with appliance repairs, appliance warranties and the supply of cheaper than normal appliances.

Some things to consider when making the decision to repair a broken appliance

Age of the appliance:

Often an appliance due to simple age will become redundant, parts will not be made for it and like any other mechanical device age plays a role, with the Uplus warranty on home appliances age is both a factor we will repair or replace any appliance of any age and as many times as it breaks down. It is the customer’s prerogative as to whether they would like a new appliance for cosmetic reasons or just to save hassle.. Check out our online store @ to see if there is a fridge or washing machine for example that you might like at a discounted price.

The actual problem with the appliance:

This always would require an assessment by a technician we suggest using one of our qualified technicians from ifix appliance to have a look at the appliance the technician will assess your appliance in the comfort of your own home. From there you will be quoted and advised accordingly. Often some appliance parts are more expensive to repair than others. If you would like assistance with a repair, a quote or an assessment of your appliance please contact Ifix appliance at www.ifixappliance

Have there been recurring issues with the appliance:

If the appliance persists in giving you problems it is probably best to replace the appliance sometimes appliances just reach a stage where it is just not worth the hassle of repairing, of course at Uplus we do not minding repairing your old appliance, sometimes it is just better to sell us your old washing machine for example and then proceed to our Like New store where you can select an appliance at a discounted rate and have it delivered directly to your home and better yet you can add the Uplus warranty to the appliance and the rest of the aging working appliances in your home.

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