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How to load your washing machine correctly

If you want your washing machine to last longer, if you would like it to work more efficiently it is essential that you load it in the correct manner. Keeping your machine load balanced is key.

Tips for loading your washing machine correctly

Keep an eye on the agitator

When using a top loader keep the clothes well away from the agitator and pushed to the sides of the drum, place everything to the side and away from the agitator.

Heavier on the bottom lighter on the top

Put your heavy clothes and or jackets on the bottom and things like underwear on the top. This will get your clothes cleaner has the lighter kit will not get tangled and squashed.

Don’t bunch your kit it’s not a scrum, think of it as social distancing

Don’t roll and bundle your clothes up and put them in the machine its better put items in your washing machine separately and make sure that they are not tangled.

Like bunching don’t squash your clothes in and overload the poor machine

You will cause undue stress to the washing machine and this will inevitably damage the washing machine and no one wants a damaged washing machine!

The dirty ones should live at the bottom of your front loader washing machine.

If you want to get a good proper clean put the dirty guys at the bottom of your front loader washing machine!

If all else fails read the instructions!

As my old teacher used to say! All washing machines and appliances come with instructions, read the instructions for the optimal running of the appliance!

If all else fails including reading the instructions, give us a call 0877018280

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