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I have a noisy fridge, DIY solutions!

There are generally speaking, 3 main culprits when it comes to a noisy fridge.

  1. The compressor

  2. The condenser fan motor

  3. The evaporator fan inside the freezer.

The first thing to do is open the freezer if the noise does not increase as you open the door then you have relinquished the the evaporator fan as the source of the problem.

The next step is to pull out the fridge so that you can access the back of the fridge, its dirty work but someone has to do it! Bend down on your haunches and have a good listen from here it should be very easy to tell which is the culprit. If it is the fan the fix is relatively simple. Simply remove the screws from the back, unscrew the fan and fan. Now simply order the part and install and you are good to go... Now if the compressor is the problem we suggest that it is probably better and more economical to replace the fridge with a used fridge from purchase a new fridge if this is all too much you can get an ifix appliance repairer to have a look they are at and if you want the safest option take out an extended warranty on your old appliances with Uplus members of the prestigious homeowners maintenance association

Alrighty! If it is non of the above then we are going to accusing the evaporator fan. This is also a relatively simple fix, simply unscrew the main back panel of the fridge be careful that when you oull your fridge out that you do not damage the tiles! You will easily hear the noise, take out the part and replace it is all that simple.

You do not need a lot of tools for this job, your basic toolkit should get you through!

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